Monday, November 7, 2011

My second child

Apparently, I am so excited to see my second child. Not only because this time it is a boy but also because I am so glad that my mother, for the first time in my life, has been really nice to me all the while. She wanted me to have a baby boy and here it is now, I will have him in the next couple days. I was thinking that after a year maybe my family could settle to a better place, Singapore per se. It is safer in there and we will all have a better opportunity than here in the Philippines. I could also say goodbye to my cc collector in less than 2 years with such a salary. *hehehe* Anyway, I feel so stressed in the past few days especially now that midterms is coming. I have to really strive hard to finish my degree and have a better future for my family. Hmn... Lord, thank You for all the blessings! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Venting out...

It's sunny in the morning and it rains hard in the evening. How can I not get sick with the weather? This cough and colds make me stay in bed for more than 10 hours. What's annoying is that I can't kiss my daughter. She's taking medications too before I did. Now I have to play with her outside her crib while she cries for me to carry her and I just can't. I took the day off before my days off so I can rest for a couple days. This month is really tiring.

I almost forgot I need a new pair of glasses but my contact lenses suit me well. And I have to be practical. A pair of glasses will cost me P3,500 or more for 6 months to a year. That's really out of budget. And this credit card company really gets in to my nerve. How come they don't allow me to pay in installment for 2 years? I think I'm the only person who runs after a bank just to get my bills settled and they are just not satisfied with the big interest they got from me since last year. Not yet. They still want more from me. Well I just can't pay the interest!!! It's too high! I just need my bills paid!!! This is really frustrating... I want to break free!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After my labs' birthday...

Before our dear Mikhaila's first birthday everything is a chaos. From the budget to the venue and the never ending argument with the costumes and all. It just seemed to be disorganized and impossible. But what can I say? It was an absolute success. From the costume to the guests, the mascot, and the gifts. Though I have to say that Mcdonald's Buendia is not that organized when it comes to distributing foods as I had to take the tray of foods from the waiters and distribute it by myself. Well, it's not that obvious. I just looked like I was an entertaining mom. Anything for Mikhaila. :)

She had a lot of gifts. Most of it are clothes. Very nice clothes she can wear until the next 6 months. LOL! And many toys too! :) I love the snoring baby. Just like my Mikhaila when she was on her first 3 months. Dear, I can't wait for her 7th birthday! I'll make sure it will be more organized and more enjoyable. Plus, there will surely be a lot of foods too. And of course, more kids from Mikhaila's Grade School. :) And... OUR FAMILY AND EXTENDED MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just adding a spice to your life :P

Cisco is one of the most special friends I have. He is my husband's high school partner in crime. And I have to say that the chemistry between the two never fades. He can easily make you laugh with his simple punchlines like when I asked how his lovelife was and he answered, "parang coke lang minsan light, ngayon zero". I never get bored with every conversation we have because he is so light that all you need to do is hang yourself to him and he'll carry you all the way. Really not a trying hard person and he won't do anything to please you. It's 'automatic' as they say.

If you'll ask why am I writing this, the answer is because my best friend is going to write about my matchmaking hobby on her blog and she'll definitely nail my fingers on my phone so before that happens I better justify my actions. *haha* What happened is... Yesterday my bestfriend slept on our house and she kept on mentioning her ex boyfriend, her one month beauty plans, and her future plans which is still 'under construction'. Yes. So I talked to Cisco this afternoon and asked about his life, lovelife in particular and I got the answer on the first paragraph. Then it came to me that he could probably be my bestfriend's friend. Anyway, both of them will get along just fine and I know they will be good friends too. I asked him if he could sms my bestfriend so they could get to know each other. It's not my intention to match them. I mean, that was not the first thing I thought of. But as I speak with Cisco I felt like there's this voice echoing in my head saying "they'll be a perfect match". They have many things in common, martyrdom per se. *hehehe* I told my bestfriend about it and her reply goes this way "bez, ibblog ko to binebenta mo ko...". It was really fun reading her message as if she'll create a suicide letter asking the police to catch me by the time they found her body. Lovely! (Did I just write Lovely?!!) These fingers want to remind me something... something really... bad?!!

Going back... Now that I'm done writing how wonderful Cisco is my pointer is ready to press on the publish key and have my bestfriend read this before she make any violent reactions on her blog. What a month! *smirk*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

For my very special one...

I just got my daughter a life insurance! This month's the start of our 5 year AXA Life contract and I'd be paying it quarterly in a year. Another reason for me to save money and stop shopping for those unnecessary tops, jeans, bags, shoes, bikinis (this has a lot of reasons though), accessories and the like. Apparently, this will be very difficult. VERY DIFFICULT. So my husband's very glad I had to cut off these vices and I can imagine him standing on our front door wearing that BIG TEASING SMILE. I'd like to hide his shoes so he too would feel that his expenses are almost the same as mine. I haven't even got a brand new shoes that came from my own salary. I had to ask my aunt to buy it for me as I have all the reasons in the world to get an award and all those blah blah blah things I had to say. I'm disappointed in a way that I never imagined how this change would make a difference in my life. THIS LIFE is really DIFFERENT. And I know that some things which are different may oftentimes be DIFFICULT and this is one of them.
However; in so many ways I feel incomparably happy with my life. This life means more to me now than what I thought. It's crazy I had to rush things when I was single and then now, I had to put everything in to consideration, I mean everything including the people who are not related to us. Why is that? And the mere fact that I cared more for the young ones, the poor, and the abandoned, I became really emotional and I guess sensitive with my hubby in half-a-negative way. :)
Eventually, I became mature. Yes, I did. And for all the people who thinks they're tough, better think again. I was NEVER soft-spoken in my life but when I got married, I learned all the sweetness in this world, arguement is an exception by the way, in few ways. It's normal. :P
Going back, I am really excited to pursue this new investment that I have. I pray that this would be a very great help to my family in the near future most especially to my daughter. Mikhaila. I pray that the Lord will bless her always. :)