Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Venting out...

It's sunny in the morning and it rains hard in the evening. How can I not get sick with the weather? This cough and colds make me stay in bed for more than 10 hours. What's annoying is that I can't kiss my daughter. She's taking medications too before I did. Now I have to play with her outside her crib while she cries for me to carry her and I just can't. I took the day off before my days off so I can rest for a couple days. This month is really tiring.

I almost forgot I need a new pair of glasses but my contact lenses suit me well. And I have to be practical. A pair of glasses will cost me P3,500 or more for 6 months to a year. That's really out of budget. And this credit card company really gets in to my nerve. How come they don't allow me to pay in installment for 2 years? I think I'm the only person who runs after a bank just to get my bills settled and they are just not satisfied with the big interest they got from me since last year. Not yet. They still want more from me. Well I just can't pay the interest!!! It's too high! I just need my bills paid!!! This is really frustrating... I want to break free!

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