Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After my labs' birthday...

Before our dear Mikhaila's first birthday everything is a chaos. From the budget to the venue and the never ending argument with the costumes and all. It just seemed to be disorganized and impossible. But what can I say? It was an absolute success. From the costume to the guests, the mascot, and the gifts. Though I have to say that Mcdonald's Buendia is not that organized when it comes to distributing foods as I had to take the tray of foods from the waiters and distribute it by myself. Well, it's not that obvious. I just looked like I was an entertaining mom. Anything for Mikhaila. :)

She had a lot of gifts. Most of it are clothes. Very nice clothes she can wear until the next 6 months. LOL! And many toys too! :) I love the snoring baby. Just like my Mikhaila when she was on her first 3 months. Dear, I can't wait for her 7th birthday! I'll make sure it will be more organized and more enjoyable. Plus, there will surely be a lot of foods too. And of course, more kids from Mikhaila's Grade School. :) And... OUR FAMILY AND EXTENDED MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY. :)

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