Thursday, July 22, 2010

For my very special one...

I just got my daughter a life insurance! This month's the start of our 5 year AXA Life contract and I'd be paying it quarterly in a year. Another reason for me to save money and stop shopping for those unnecessary tops, jeans, bags, shoes, bikinis (this has a lot of reasons though), accessories and the like. Apparently, this will be very difficult. VERY DIFFICULT. So my husband's very glad I had to cut off these vices and I can imagine him standing on our front door wearing that BIG TEASING SMILE. I'd like to hide his shoes so he too would feel that his expenses are almost the same as mine. I haven't even got a brand new shoes that came from my own salary. I had to ask my aunt to buy it for me as I have all the reasons in the world to get an award and all those blah blah blah things I had to say. I'm disappointed in a way that I never imagined how this change would make a difference in my life. THIS LIFE is really DIFFERENT. And I know that some things which are different may oftentimes be DIFFICULT and this is one of them.
However; in so many ways I feel incomparably happy with my life. This life means more to me now than what I thought. It's crazy I had to rush things when I was single and then now, I had to put everything in to consideration, I mean everything including the people who are not related to us. Why is that? And the mere fact that I cared more for the young ones, the poor, and the abandoned, I became really emotional and I guess sensitive with my hubby in half-a-negative way. :)
Eventually, I became mature. Yes, I did. And for all the people who thinks they're tough, better think again. I was NEVER soft-spoken in my life but when I got married, I learned all the sweetness in this world, arguement is an exception by the way, in few ways. It's normal. :P
Going back, I am really excited to pursue this new investment that I have. I pray that this would be a very great help to my family in the near future most especially to my daughter. Mikhaila. I pray that the Lord will bless her always. :)

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Filipino Small community in Florida said...

I love you tian!! You are up to becoming a great mom!! May God bless you more than you could imagine. Take care always!!