Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just adding a spice to your life :P

Cisco is one of the most special friends I have. He is my husband's high school partner in crime. And I have to say that the chemistry between the two never fades. He can easily make you laugh with his simple punchlines like when I asked how his lovelife was and he answered, "parang coke lang minsan light, ngayon zero". I never get bored with every conversation we have because he is so light that all you need to do is hang yourself to him and he'll carry you all the way. Really not a trying hard person and he won't do anything to please you. It's 'automatic' as they say.

If you'll ask why am I writing this, the answer is because my best friend is going to write about my matchmaking hobby on her blog and she'll definitely nail my fingers on my phone so before that happens I better justify my actions. *haha* What happened is... Yesterday my bestfriend slept on our house and she kept on mentioning her ex boyfriend, her one month beauty plans, and her future plans which is still 'under construction'. Yes. So I talked to Cisco this afternoon and asked about his life, lovelife in particular and I got the answer on the first paragraph. Then it came to me that he could probably be my bestfriend's friend. Anyway, both of them will get along just fine and I know they will be good friends too. I asked him if he could sms my bestfriend so they could get to know each other. It's not my intention to match them. I mean, that was not the first thing I thought of. But as I speak with Cisco I felt like there's this voice echoing in my head saying "they'll be a perfect match". They have many things in common, martyrdom per se. *hehehe* I told my bestfriend about it and her reply goes this way "bez, ibblog ko to binebenta mo ko...". It was really fun reading her message as if she'll create a suicide letter asking the police to catch me by the time they found her body. Lovely! (Did I just write Lovely?!!) These fingers want to remind me something... something really... bad?!!

Going back... Now that I'm done writing how wonderful Cisco is my pointer is ready to press on the publish key and have my bestfriend read this before she make any violent reactions on her blog. What a month! *smirk*

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmnn. I wonder who is that Bestfriend you are trying to team up with Isko... He He He If i may guess from the reaction of Hers, it sounds as if Grizzel is giving you that comment. Anyway.. They both are Nice PEOPLE!! They shall do just fine together:) Love you and Khai!! mwaaaahhhH!!! Good Luck with your new job!! matchmaking!!