Sunday, July 5, 2009

for someone who wishes to have a happy ending in her fairy tale world...

I read it again. It's been quite a while since she last posted an entry on her blog. I can still remember the days when she's grieving for his death. His death, not being literal, is the most painful thing for her. Sometimes, I wish it had happened earlier, maybe during our prom night, or before she even fell for him so it wouldn't be that difficult for her to stand it.

That girl, that's what I always called her, the reason for his death, and my friend's grief, has been a very familiar face to me. That treacherous face hiding behind an innocent front has left a mark on my consciousness, bewitching every person nearing her and making them believe in her sweet words and conservative looks. How much more could I be thankful to have sensed her deviousness despite her inviting aura?

My girl, who I pity the most, had been acting very unpredictable for the past 4 years leaving me no choice but to wait for the result of her actions and so far she hasn't made any wrong move. NO. Not yet. And I'm afraid she'll only get hurt again when she found that someone to replace him in her heart. Awful. I see her as someone very vulnerable yet her reaction towards his death is very alarming which is a total contradiction of her amiable personality. Even someone very dangerous would be threatened to pull her strings. And I do admire her, really, for having the will to move on despite seeing them together every Sunday. That's a total torture for me. Sundays with them, the two masked icons on our church!

At first, I felt very hesitant to write this as this might just bring back her lonely past. Yet, I feel very calm to express my feelings and opinion. I have experienced the same thing before and it really crushed my heart. I even had a guy fall for me so I could divert all my attention to him, yet I ended up with the same person who broke my silence, now, my better half. So I'm always praying for that someone to find her so they could be together at long last. It would be great to hear her speak of their happy ending.

Apparently, ever since I was a child I believe in fairy tales, where the prince comes to rescue her princess, and in the famous script 'and-they-lived-happily-ever-after'. And I can tell that my life is an evidence of its existence.

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