Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fun. fun. fun. and a lot more fun.

I got this from It's fun! *haha*


Scorpio & Pisces

'Sensitive and instinctive, Scorpio and Pisces have a mutual affinity only rarely encountered in the zodiac. They may be devoted to one another body and soul; their love is erotic, all-encompassing, and often unique. A gaze speaks volumes of poetry, and intuition replaces reason. Their magical bond is immune to everything except Scorpio's jealousy. If it looms, Pisces will dart away on the first wave. He or she loathes ugly emotional confrontations, and this feeling is stronger than his or her passionate love for the Scorpio.'

MY LIFE PATH NUMBER: (Month + Day + Year of Birth)

Feb. 27, 1987 (2/27/1987)



A double number must be separated and added.

MY EXPRESSION NUMBER: (First Name + Last Name)

Kristian Nhel Espiritu



Do not count Sr., Jr., I, II, III, etc...


A, J, S = 1
B, K, T = 2
C, L, U = 3
D, M, V = 4
E, N, W = 5
F, O, X = 6
G, P, Y = 7
H, Q, Z = 8
I, R = 1


Kristian Nhel is pronounced as Kurisuchiannheru in Japanese.

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