Thursday, July 2, 2009

after the check-up

According to my OB-Gynecologist, the fetus is 18 weeks and 2 days old yesterday. I just had my monthly pre-natal check-up and I felt very relieved of what she said. According to her, the baby is very lively, she can't properly hear the heartbeat due to a continuous somatic movement. She said it was a good sign despite of having a 'lower-than-normal' blood count. I am quite pressured of having a stable blood count as I am used to being anemic ever since I was a teen despite of the medications I'm taking. Until now, I'm still having the same medication, err... I mean, same medicine, higher intake. I noticed an increase in my appetite from week 12 and though I haven't experienced the dilemma of the first trimester's symptoms, 2nd trimester's symptoms are slowly manifesting. I can't wait for next month's pre-natal check-up as the ultrasound can already detect whether the fetus is a girl or a boy. However, I was thinking that they might not see it as the baby is zealously active. Anyway, I now know why I feel really languid these past few weeks. :P

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