Thursday, February 18, 2010

My family

For the past years, I have never imagined having a very simple and wonderful life. Now, I have had a taste of what they call "dream come true". A daughter with a beautiful smile and a husband who supports me all the time. Though for some reason I cannot stop myself from being jealous with his past girlfriends, I get to feel the love and care no other man has ever shared to me. And though there may be times my mannerism, which is sarcasm attacks, he's still very understandable of it. I call it mannerism not a hobby. *hehehe* I feel loved and well taken cared of. I feel blessed and that a big fortune has come my way, my own family. I owe this all to Him. Without Him, I am nothing, we are nothing. I was given so much of a blessing that I could no longer contain it and all I can do is thank Him everyday for these gifts. Anyway, I have been thanking Him everyday as I wake up every morning and see my daughter's face smiling at me.:)

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