Monday, February 23, 2009

random things about me.

4 more days and I'm already 22. I am wondering what else could happen to me here in Singapore. I feel so unlucky graduating at a very problematic year. *hehe* I feel so blessed to have finished my schooling though. (with good grades of course :P)

Yesterday my aunt bought me a bag for my birthday. It's the small rectangular black bag I've always wanted to buy. It wasn't expensive but I'm saving funds for more important things that's why I wasn't able to buy it for myself. I'm not really thringy. In fact, I'm kind of impulsive especially when I see books, I feel like it's begging me to buy it. *haha*

Today, I learnt that lesser foreigners are being hired due to the decline in the economy. At first, I felt really sad as I had just finished my schooling and waiting for my diploma. But after speaking to Him, I felt better.

I'm just worried about akin for now. He said he'll be online around 8pm but until now there's no sign of him. Anyway, he's always late. I just hate it when he's not sending me a message. I really am a jealous person and I don't like this attitude. It's not innate. And I hope I still can change it. He saw me in a different light and I'm glad he did.

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